#bros, #bros, #bros

The start of 2016 has been about workshopping my play #bros. 

There've been readings in London, Kent, and Sarasota, Florida at Asolo Rep as part of their Unplugged Festival of new work. Different actors, different points of view expressed. Hard work -- investigating male privilege. 

In Florida, subscribers in their 70's and 80's stuck with the 90 minute barrage of Twitter references and misogyny. Some hated it, but others engaged with the ideas in the play. In one of those "I'll never forget this" moments, an 80 yr old man said he felt his generation let others down by not taking more responsibility for their relationship to male privilege. It was powerful and arresting.

Meanwhile, people just keep talking about bros in culture. Bernie Bros are ripping away at HRC in comments sections and on Twitter. Wesley Morris wrote about Broliferation in the NYT Magazine. Reggie Yates, the BBC presenter, interviewed members of the Mens Rights Movement. 

Some friends are doing living room readings of the play just to have it heard and help spark conversation about privilege. If you're interested in doing that, please be in touch. We have to get messy and talk about this stuff. As one character in the play says: "it's an imperative that grabs at my skins and my bones."