Rewrites on #BROS

I'm deep in rewrites on my new comedy #BROS after a great reading/notes from Soho Theatre. The play is about male privilege and the internet, anger and shame.

Here are some of the things I'm looking at:

Jon Ronson's amazing new book on public shaming and Twitter. A page-turning must read that explores internet mobs and the history of shame-based punishment.

Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit -- the inspiration for the phrase "mansplaining". Upsetting truths/stats in this book. For research, I'm inspired by this haunting passage about the need to enact violence:

It begins with this premise: I have the right to control you... the desire to control comes out of a rage that obedience can’t assuage. Whatever fears, whatever sense of vulnerability may underlie such behavior, it also comes out of entitlement, the entitlement to inflict suffering and even death on other people. It breeds misery in the perpetrator and the victims.

Charlie Pierce, he of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me fame, let this scythe of a sentence fly in a recent article on Grantland about American sports star Curt Schilling dealing with internet trolls:


Finally there are notes from my meeting with the AD and AAD of Soho. mask recognition of culpability.